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We are a creative design studio based in Barcelona, Spain.


Focused on many kinds of design expressions: Virtual Tours 360º, VR Previz, 3D Archviz, 3D character animation, 3D industrial design animation, 3D asset modeling, 3D environments, Mot-Graphs, Video & VFX/CC, Illustration, 2D Animation, Branding and Style Guides, TV Channel Assets like Intros, 3rds, animations and graphics for Youtube creators.


3D Consulting service to improve your design and previz departments, and impart masterclasses and make and teach personalized lessons to adapt your studio workflow.


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  • Video Edition and Color Correction
  • Composition, Video Tracking & VFX
  • Video Assets: Intros, Animations, Promotions, Advices… 
  • Corporational and Events Video Production
  • TV Channel Assets: Intros, 3rds, fly, Promotions
  • Motion Graphics
  • Audio mixing for film, tv and shorts
  • Music Production

  • 3D Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing, Shading and Animation
  • Environment, Characters, Props, Assets
  • Game  Ready Assets
  • VR & 360º Virtual Tours
  • VR & 3D Applications for Companies
  • CAD Archviz (Architecture Previsualization)
  • OpenSource masterclasses for companies

VideoCourses BCA Europe

  • Branding and Style Guides
  • Logotypes and Styling
  • Illustration 
  • Traditional Painting
  • 2D Animation
  • Photography and Photo Editing
  • Photogrametry (3D through pictures)
  • Timelapse Photography
  • Production Presskits



You need creative design and we bring it to life.
We was working in many tasks and departments through the graphic and design industry. We are seasoned designers in classic techniques with painting, illustration even to digital design and media production.
You can ask us for many creative tasks:
industrial design animation, 3d character animation, 3d archviz & animation, video & vfx, compositing, videogame and VR-AR assets, graphics and animations for Youtube creators, and consultant and teaching service for companies. 


Tell us what do you need for your project, adjusting the work to your budge and deadline.



We show you the milestones during the process,
to assure the final quiality work.


Get success with the finished project.



“Continuous learning and put everyday in practice,

it’s the only way to express true feelings and ideas

through arts and design.”

– Need3D crew


Óscar ‘Nebe’ Abad

CEO & Digital Artist and Image


· 3D Modeling & Sculpting
· 3D Animation Artist
· 3D Simulation & Technical Artist
· 3D Environment Artist
· 3D Video-game Assets
· 3D Tracking and Pipeline
· 2D Design
· Video, CC & VFX, Compositing
· Timelapsing & Photogrammetry
· Photography and edition
· Music and sound mixing & production
· Branding, Archviz, Teaching
· Open-Source lover

Oscar was dedicated 24 years to all the graphic and sound things, since he was 12. Always keep developing a career over the different departments of the media & entertainment creation industry, to try to understand all the parts of the clockwork.
Starting with photo editing, 2D design and 3D design, through front-end web dev, UI/UX. After that start with photography and cameraman for TV, editing and coloring, vfx and compositing, 3d animation and simulations, music and audio production, video-game asset creation, video-game screenplay writting  and game mechanics.
Always is a good moment to learn something.



08013 Barcelona, Spain


Tell ME IF I can do anything for your project or company.